Recycled Pallets

Best Pallet offers a variety of pallet services to meet the needs of your operation. We can custom tailor a program specifically for your company. Whether your company generates 1 truckload per week or 20 truckload truckloads per week, we have the solution for you.

COMBO Pallets

By  combining(combo) new wood in conjunction with recycled components  Best Pallet offers you a unique alternative to expensive new pallets.  You like the price of recycled pallet s but want  perfect lead boards? ...Let Best quote and build "combo"  pallets to your exacting specifications.  

Remanufactured Pallets

Utilizing recycled pallet components Best Pallet completely rebuilds a pallet  to your specification for a 20% saving as compared to new.

Recycled Grocery or GMA Pallets

Our recycled grocery pallets, i.e., 48" x 40" 4 way entry pallets, are sorted, repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition. A brief description of each grade follows:

Premium Grade A

These pallets are our highest grade recycled pallet and are used in large wholesale club operations. These pallets do not have any plated stringer repairs, painted or colored stringers and all of these pallets have 6" leading edge boards. No softwood lumber is used in these pallets.

       Standard  No. 1

These pallets have generally been repaired more often than either our Sam's or Premium A grades and may have 4" and/or 6" leading edge boards.

None of our A grade pallets contain double or sister stringer repairs.

These pallets are similar to Sam's A grades, however they may include some plated stringer repairs and colored (painted) stringers.

1 Stringer B grade (B+)/

These pallets contain only one (1) double  stringer(block) repair per pallet.

B grade/No. 2

These pallets contain one (1) or more double  stringer repairs per pallet. These pallets are an excellent choice maximum savings on a grocery or GMA pallet.

B grade/No. 2 Color/Painted

These pallets may contain  one (1) or more double stringer repairs per pallet.  Pallets may have  paint  on part are all of the pallet or may be deemed unsuitable for food service but but are otherwise a good economical pallet for non food shipping purposes.    

Other Sizes:

We commonly carry the following sizes of recycled pallets:

# 42 x 48 Heavy Built Pallets

# 42 x 42 Pallets

# 36 x 36 Pallets

# 56 x 44 Bulk Pallets

# 44 x 56 Bulk Pallets

# 48 x 42 Pallets

# 44 x 56 Top Frames

We have other recycled pallet sizes available including block style pallets. Contact us for pricing and availability.