Pallet Purchase Programs

Searching for a reliable pallet pick-up partner? Contact Best Pallets to learn more about our pallet recycling pickup program.

*We buy 48x40 4-way Pallets. e

*All odd sizes and scrap pallets are often removed at no charge.

*Drop trailers are available.

Pallet Repair Programs

*We can pick-up, repair, and return your pallets.

*Best Pallets offers quality repairs to your exact specifications.

*Drop trailers are offered. 

Need an Alternative to CHEP?-  Choose 9BLOC

Have you been surprised by lost pallet fees and/or fees for shipping pallets outside the designated rental network?   Do you feel trapped with your current pallet rental provider?   Look at the new program from 9BLOC.   Unlike the ordinary rental programs from CHEP or IGPS,  the 9BLOC pallet pool puts the control back in your hands.  Now you can choose to rent, lease or purchase your own pallet inventory.   Break away from the traditional rental giants.  Choose freedom… from lost pallet charges, inefficient reporting and aging, poor-quality pallets.

• A powerful, nation-wide network that manages every pallet throughout the supply chain.
• The choice to rent, purchase or lease your pallets.
• A powerful tracking system that monitors your pallets to identify inefficiencies, loss and damage.

• Track pallet locations.
• Reduce the financial impact of lost pallets.
• Streamline reporting, to reduce costly time and paperwork.
• Monitor the maintenance of each pallet throughout its life cycle.
• Make new pallets more affordable.

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On-Site Pallet Management Programs

Our on site pallet management program is tailored to take your company out of the pallet business and allow you to return to to your core capabilities. Many companies have found that these programs have increased their efficiencies and lowered their cost, allowing them to focus on their core business .

The advantages and goals of these programs are :

* The DC is focused on its core responsibilities of distribution and not on non-productive pallet activities.

* Labor costs associated with pallet sortation, pallet unloading, and pallet loading is eliminated.

* An agreed upon inventory of good pallets is maintained for the DC's usage.

* Pallet handling within, and in and out of the DC is reduced.

* More precise sorting occurs providing more quality pallets for the DC's operation.

Let's discuss your needs: