Arkansas's Largest Supplier of Colored Mulch

We offer wholesale bulk mulch in a variety of colors through our sister company River Valley Mulch Inc. Utilizing waste wood and recycled wood material that is processed through our 35 ton horizontal grinder until it meets exact size specifications. Once the material is ground it is passed through a series of super powerful magnetic head pulley conveyors that separate the nails from the mulch ..rendering it nail free. Utilizing an advanced computer aided ink application system that can color up to 150 cubic yards of mulch per hour, River Valley Mulch produces a variety of incredibly beautiful color enhanced dyed mulch including the popular Red, Brown and Black for modern decorative landscape applications.

Bulk Mulch Material is delivered in 80 yard semi trailers with "walking floor" bottoms that allows us to conveniently unload at nurseries, garden centers or large landscape jobs. Call River Valley Mulch at 1-479-782-4773.